Image included in Humble Art's online show, Year in Reverse

Photographs included in Negative Feedback Issue 03

Photographs published in VVision's Volume #1—The Red Edition

Images included in Strant Magazine's Pictures Without Words

Images included in Float Magazine online exhibition

Photographs included in ShootFilmUK's Issue 2

Photographs featured in Touch My Prints magazine, Issue 5

Image in WE:AMEricans group show at Station Independent Projects, NYC

Photograph featured in December issue of VICE Magazine

Images included in Humble Art's online show, F*cked Up

Image included in Ain’t Bad Editions Vol. 3 No. 1, From Here On

Taking part in one-night show in Brooklyn, NY

Image in online auction sponsored by Daniel Cooney Fine Art

Images featured on Aint-Bad Magazine site

Images featured on

Photographs in group show at hpgrp Gallery in New York

Photographs included in issue two of Tonelit magazine

Images featured in Photoworks’s Showcase

Image featured in 3200K Quarterly Magazine

Images included in Incandescent Magazine

Image included in F-Stop Magazine’s online group show

Image included in My Own Wilderness book

ARTmostfierce Affordable Print Pick of the Week

Exposure Project Book 4 now ready to be ordered

Image to be included in the PRC’s juried publication

Images included in F-Stop Magazine’s online group show

Image included in Humble Arts online group show

Images to be included in Book 4 of The Exposure Project

Image featured on Flak Photo

Images featured on Shane LaValette’s site

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